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SA-RA is awarded with the following quality certificates:

  • ISO 9001
  • TS-914
  • ISO 14001
  • TS 18001 (ISG-OHSAS)
  • ISO/TS 16949
  • Ü-Certificate Nr. 11 9614/1
  • Certificate of Conformance to DAST 022:2009

Quality Assurance and Quality Control are integral parts of design, manufacturing and construction processes. All quality efforts are conducted by well trained inspectors, using high technology testing laboratories and equipments, and the well established QA/QC infrastructure.

In addition to his own testing laboratories, SA-RA utilizes the facilities of independent official testing institutes and universities in Turkey, to realize any tests necessitated by standards.

Another integral aspect of the SA-RA's policy is environmental protection during his manufacturing and construction activities, which is provided according to ISO 14001 and with most recent technology.
 With the aim of preventing occupational injuries and diseases. and providind full security against physical and mental harm of our personnel, customers and sub-contractors whom we share the same conditions,
 we continuously strive for establish, develop and improve the working environments in accordance with  the requirements of occupational health and safety rules and TS-18001 Standard (Turkish OHSAS Standard).  

Our Procurement Policy is;

to obtain the best overall value ( including quality, cost, health, safety, and environment aspects ) for the materials, goods, and services required, and to maintain the ethical standards in dealing with our current and potential suppliers.

We evaluate, select and monitor our suppliers based on rational and clear guidelines of quality, delivery, reliability, stability of performance, and mutual trust through an open, competitive, and non-discriminatory process, as documented in our procedures.

We randomly run on-site audits for potential or current suppliers and monitor their state of qualifications yet to be or to continue being an Approved Supplier to ŞA-RA

We normally prioritize dealing with our Approved Suppliers, but however, also promote others to establish or improve their awareness of quality management systems, in order to be recognized as an Approved Supplier to ŞA-RA. .

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