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Steel Houses

Another part of our manufacturing portfolio is the steel houses designed, manufactured and assembled by SA-RA.


We have a broad range of standardized design in our catalogues, which the customer can select. We are also able to realize the design and construction according to the customer requirements. All architectural details such as number of storey, areas for rooms and all other living areas, materials used for finishing works like roof and floor covering, tiling, painting, façade covering, etc., can be determined according to the request of the customer.


The steel houses are manufactured in the form of columns, beams and panels, and delivered to the area of the customer and erected on the foundation previously completed. After that, all finishing works are realized and the houses are submitted to the customer as ready for use.


The advantages of the steel houses over the classical concrete ones are the resistance against earthquake, light weight, ease and speed of construction and nice appearance.


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