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Energy Transmission Line Hardwares

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Energy Transmission Line Hardwares are such materials that, function attachment for the electrical conductors and the towers.


These hardwares, transmitting the whole electrical and dynamic forces incoming from the conductors and grounding wires,
have significant critical importance, as in case of any breakdown, the entire of the transmission line are damaged to a much more
than excessive cost of their own costs.


ŞA-RA, having a 25 years experienced leading hardware company in Turkey, designes and manufactures these critical highest

quality hardwares for international customers in awareness and careful attention.


The hardwares are designed, manufactured and packed with the latest technology by the experienced engineers according to the international standarts.


Within the product ranges, we have all varieties of conductor – grounding hardwares, vibration dampers and holders to range between 11-500 kV.


We perform all class of electrical and mechanical tests including heat cycle and damper tests in our qualified laboratuary,
according to the latest versions of IEC Standarts of our products. In addition to the physical test, we have competence to perform

wind, fatigue & vibration analyses and verifications of conductors and dampers by advanced software programmes.


TEİAŞ (Turkish Electricity Transmission Company), as an extremely careful concerning hardware quality and manufacturer selective

authorized organization, has given a qualification to ŞA-RA for all kinds of hardwares. Consequently, our hardwares are being used

successfully and efficiently on a great many of 154 & 380 kV transmission lines. Besides Turkey, we export large amount of

hardwares to Greece, Ireland, Algeria, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Ethiopia,  Yemen, Congo,… etc. and many countries.

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