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Communication System Towers

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SA-RA is the leading designer and manufacturer of towers and poles for:

  • GSM antennas,
  • FM/TV antennas,
  • Satellite antennas,
  • Radar antennas.

Our product range covers:

  • - Self Supported Towers:
    • Lattice type towers (Rectangular or triangular cross section) made of:
      • All angle sections
      • All tubular sections
      • Mixed (angle and tubular) sections
    • Polygonal type monopoles
    • Tubular type monopoles
  • - Rooftop Structures:
    • Monopole type
    • Lattice type
  • - Guyed Masts:
    • Lattice type
    • Round Tubular type
    • Polygonal type

The structures can be bolted or welded type.


We have full ability to design the towers, masts and poles explained above according to international standards, customer requirements and local environmental conditions.


We can supply towers and poles with all necessary accessories, such as antenna brackets, maintenance platforms, grounding and lightning protection systems, safety guide rails, brackets, etc.


Manufacturing, galvanizing and seaworthy packing activities are realized by use of the equipment with the recent technology in line with the customer specifications.


Since the introduction of GSM system, SA-RA manufactured and delivered most of the towers used in the GSM network of Turkey. Our references cover the deliveries of towers and services to operators and system integrators including Turkcell, Telsim, Aria, Aycell, Avea, Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, Geocell, Moldcell and many others for their projects in Azerbaijan, Moldova, Bulgaria, Georgia, Tunisia, Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and other countries with full customer satisfaction.


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