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SA-RA realizes all manufacturing activities in the following plants which are his own property:

1. Plant in Polatlı / Ankara:


Purpose: Manufacturing and galvanizing of all types of lattice steel towers, poles and steel construction.

Capacity (Manufacturing):

Monopoles      : 12.000 T/Yr
Latice Towers  : 15.000 T/Yr
Highway Guards : 18.000 T/Yr

Capacity (Galvanization): 60.000 T/yr
Closed Area: 20.000 m2
Open Area: 60.000 m2
No of CNC lines: 4 lines for lattice towers, 2 lines for poles
No. of galvanizing pools: 2 pools with capacity of 8 mt + 1 pool with capacity of 12 mt in single operation.


2. Plant Complex in Adana :


Our plant complex in Adana is located at a distance of 60 km from Mersin port, which is one of the main export gates at the south of Turkey. With this location, we use the advantage of being closest factory to Middle East countries and the ability of realization of export activities in shortest time and with good deficiency.


A- Tower and Steel Construction Manufacturing Plant


Purpose: Manufacturing and galvanizing of all types of lattice steel towers, poles and steel construction. It is the biggest plant in Turkey in this area.
Capacity (Manufacturing): 70.000 T/yr
Capacity(Galvanization): 90.000 T/yr
Closed Area: 35.000 m2
Open Area: 420.000 m2
No. of CNC lines: 8 lines for angles, 2 lines for profiles and 4 lines for plates
No. of galvanizing pools: 3


B- Hardware Manufacturing Plant


Purpose: Manufacturing of transmission line hardware. Plant is composed of manufacturing and assembling units and a testing station fully equipped for tension, crack and vibration tests.
Capacity: 2.400 T/yr
Closed Area: 2.000 m2

In addition to the existing facilities, we are using the capacity of the sub-suppliers for the casting, forging and other processes under our QA/QC system.


C- Fasteners Manufacturing Plant


Purpose: Manufacturing of fasteners
Capacity: 14.000 T/yr
Closed Area: 12.000 m2

Plant is equipped with fully automatic machines, heat treatment units, galvanization lines and testing laboratories, to assure the best quality.

A large spectrum of fasteners, meeting international standards as well as unique customer requirements is manufactured in SA-RA Fasteners Manufacturing Plant. Cold and hot forming operations backed by conventional machining capacity enable SA-RA to respond to broad range of customer requirements. Hot Dip Galvanizing, Zinc or Cobalt Plating, Phosphate Coating and Black Oxide Surface Finishing are all offered to our customers.



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