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Energy Transmission Lines

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SA-RA is an experienced and reputable turn-key contractor of energy transmission lines, within the range of voltage levels between 34,5 - 800 kV.

The turn-key implementation activities of transmission lines include:

Survey and Design

SA-RA has full capability for:

  •   Line survey, preparation of route maps, plans and profiles
  • Preparation of expropriation plans and documents,
  • Environmental Impact Studies
  • Soil investigations
  • Line design, tower spotting, optimization
  • Tower basic design
  • Tower manufacturing drawings
  • Shop drawings and cards

Our design department is fully equipped with computer facilities for calculation and drafting, and employs highly experienced and qualified engineers and draftsmen. The most recent versions of:

  • Tower
  • Autocad
  • PLS Pole
  • B Tower

Are utilized for design.

Tower and Hardware Supply

SA-RA is the biggest manufacturer of transmission line towers in Turkey, and Europe, with a huge annual capacity of 110.000 Tons. Moreover, SA-RA is a reputable manufacturer of hardwares, approved by governmental and private electricity organizations in Turkey and abroad. This provides us the advantage and flexibility of supplying these items from our own factories within shortest periods and with high quality. Details are given in 'Plants' and 'Manufacturing' sections.

Line Material Supply

SA-RA supplies all line materials such as conductor, shieldwire, insulators, OPGW, grounding materials, etc., from first class manufacturers which are awarded with ISO 9000. The supply, transportation and storage procedures are conducted under the QA/QC system of SA-RA.

SA-RA executes the construction activities of:

  •   Application, Tower Pegging
  • Route Clearance, Access Roads
  • Civil Works of Tower Foundations
  • Tower Erection
  • Stringing
  • Commissioning

We have a sound infrastructure including all necessary machinery and equipment as well as highly qualified and experienced manpower for the construction activities.

Project Management

Our activities outlined above are managed and coordinated by our qualified technical staff, including experienced project managers, site chiefs and team leaders.


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