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SA-RA is the leading designer and manufacturer of transmission line towers within the range of 11 kV to 800 kV.


SA-RA has full ability to realize the basic and detailed design for the towers in his highly experienced design group, and also to perform full scale load testing in the internationally accepted test stations. If requested, we can also utilize the basic and/or detailed design given by our customers and complete the remaining part (detailed design, workshop drawings, manufacturing cards, etc.) as required.


In case of application of a new design; prototypes are manufactured, assembled and checked by the joint work of our design and prototype teams. If requested by the customer, the supervisors of the customer and/or end user can also participate the checking of prototypes. After all of the details are fully checked on the prototype and all revisions (if any) are applied to the workshop drawings, the serial manufacturing is commenced.


Towers are manufactured on fully automatic CNC lines, galvanized and packed according to international standards and the requirements of the customer; and delivered at the place requested by the customer as per Incoterms 2000.


SA-RA produces bolts, nuts and washers necessary for the manufactured towers; in his own fasteners manufacturing plant, with the best quality standards.


Is case of request of the customer, all tower accessories such as anti-climbing devices, step bolts, danger and numbering plates, grounding parts can also be supplied together with the towers, to form a complete package.


Besides the Turkish market, SA-RA manufactured and supplied towers to the markets including Syria, Iraq, Indonesia, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mozambique, Australia, Tasmania, Ethiopia, Germany, France, Poland, Island, Finland, Greece, Ireland and many others.


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