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To protect the drivers and passengers from the obstacles near the roads during accident and also to protect the pedestrians and facilities from the vehicles; protective guardrails (on road sides,bends, bridges and subways) and separatin guardrails (on main and secondary road seperations and front of the highway toll-collection offices) are used in the majority of highways.

Guardrails  as road security systems are designed with for high performance, low cost and provide safety for passengers and aslo for vehicles and facilities along the roads.

Being a main protection system along the roads, guardrails are preferred wordwide due to high security, long life, easy installation capability and high performance and low negative effect on environment against their low cost.

Our production is realized according to international standarts and technical requirements of Turkish General Directorate of Highways on fully automatic foll-form machines and galvanized according to TS914 EN ISO 1461-ASTM A 123 standarts. Furthermore , we are providing fast , convenient and reliable installation services with out high-tech equipments and qualified manpower.

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